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 September has arrived and we have to give a few laps to our domestic finances that after returning to school and spending their vacations, they don’t live their best …

In recent years, running on our daily tour with the former headquarters of a bank office already closed, and even deteriorated by the passage of time, You have the right to have decent housing and a basic bank account.

If we read the laws carefully, we will notice that we are entitled to many things and all of them very different from each other: right to decent housing.

What do you have to study if you want to have a payroll?

What do you have to study if you want to have a payroll?

If we were now in the position of having to choose some university studies and we did not have the decision very clear, surely the year would come in pearls …Quebec still longs for the banks that left during its secessionist period puts his feet in dusty and poses his eyes in Alicante, where from now on he will have his headquarters. The financial institution considers that with this move …

The new electric social bond changes its beneficiary policy


Soon the consumers will have at their disposal the new electric social bond. In fact, its approval is at the door and it only remains that the National Commission of the Spanish entities that get the most benefit.

After years of readjustments, sales, and bank debacles, it seems that Spanish banks are once again on the road to recovery. So, just jumped the news …

Forget about ‘Direct’, now it’s plain and simple

Forget about

Goodbank says goodbye to his last name. Yes, from now on it will be known simply as Goodbank since it follows from ‘Direct’. In this way, he summarized his journey with the inte …

The Popular falls, the small shareholders fight back with demands and the Liberbank trembles

For a few years we have been witnessing the fall and subsequent dismemberment of banks and savings banks that have been following our lives for decades now …Holy Week: Watch Out For The Card Cloning Scam

Increasingly, the use of cards at the ATM requires us more and more caution. Thus, we must remain vigilant because some of these machines are manipul …

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