Everything you need to know about hiring a loan

When hiring a loan, it is normal that doubts arise or that you are even afraid of not knowing where you are. But at Good finance we are 100% transparent and we don’t want you to have to worry about anything, that’s why we always make things clear from the star Webp. net-resizeimage-139-1024×683.jpg? resize = 1024% 2C683 & ssl =t.

So if you want to know how to hire a loan with Good finance, we tell you everything you need to know in this article.

Loan with Good finance: how is it?

Loan with Good finance: how is it?

Hiring a loan with good finance is very easy.

The first thing you can do is enter the web loans. From there you will see a kind of table in which you will have to enter the amount you wish to request and click continue.

Then, you will see questions that you will have to answer to adjust the loan to your possibilities: the amount you plan to pay back each month, what you will use it for, the annual income, what you pay for mortgage or loans, if you are in a list of defaulters, etc.

Based on your questions, you will get an answer to your loan. Of course, to start the application, you must create an account in Good finance and log in with your date from the application.

When you download Good finance’s mobile app and connect your accounts, we will calculate the FinScore automatically and you will be able to start your personal loan application. As well as request more information without obligation.

Based on your FinScore, the conditions will be better or worse. But always 100% adapted to your possibilities, so you can request a realistic amount of money and return it in a time that fits you well.

What do we propose in Good finance?

What do we propose in Good finance?

At Good finance we offer our users a personal loan from 750 to 50,000 euros per month. All this to be returned within 3 to 96 months. Fully adapted to you, to your needs.

In addition, we offer you a variable TIN from 4.65% TIN (4.75% APR) to a maximum of 34.10% TIN (39.97% APR). All this without paperwork and in just 5 minutes, which is what takes the process.

For example, if you request € 30,000 to be returned in 60 months (5 years) with conditions of 7.95% TIN (8.25% APR). In total you will return € 36,626.34; in installments of € 607.57 each.

Is it worth a loan with good finance?

Is it worth a loan with good finance?

Of course. You can always enter the web to simulate a loan or connect your accounts with the Good finance app to see, even if just out of curiosity, the amount of loan we can offer based on your savings.

With a personal loan you will have no limits because you can achieve all your goals and make all your dreams come true. What do you want to buy a car? You will be able to do it. Give you a well deserved vacation? As well. Refurbish your house? Of course you can do it. And endless other things.

It does not matter what you need it for because in good finance we make it possible. In addition, from our app you can start saving money month by month without realizing it. So if you are looking for an app to save while you think if that loan is for you, do not hesitate to consider us.

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