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Interest from 4.9% APR from 5,02% Maturity 6–92 months Loan amount CZK 5,000 – CZK 900,000 The loan I am interested Borrow Bonus rate for proper repayment Haset Bank loan benefits

  • Reward for early repayment
  • Loan without fees
  • Money can be obtained online
  • The winner of the loan profitability test

What is the loan for?

  • Possibility to transfer loans
  • Purchase of electronics
  • Money for housing
  • Vacation finance

Settlement fees

  • Maturity: 6-92 months
  • Provision fee: free of charge
  • Management fee: free
  • Early repayment fee: free of charge

Borrow the amount of 350 000 CZK, which you can use for anything. Haset Bank loan with a maturity of 92 months will be associated with a monthly payment of CZK 4,579. If you repay on time, you will get an interest rate of 4.9% and an APR of 5.02%. There are no fees for management and early repayment. In total you will pay 420 059 CZK.

Interest from 2.99% APR from 3.64% Maturity 6–84 months Loan amount 20 000 CZK – 750 000 CZK The loan I am interested Borrow Cheapest interest from 2.99% approval within 2 minutes.

  • Human approach
  • Lowest interest from 2.99%
  • Transparent contract
  • Free early repayment

What is the loan for?

  • Unexpected expenses
  • Car repair
  • Purchase of equipment for the apartment
  • Buying anything

Settlement fees

  • Maturity: 6–84 months
  • Provision Fee: 2%
  • Management fee: free
  • Early repayment fee: free of charge
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The lowest interest on Zones is 2.99% pa and more than ½ of customers with a loan of CZK 150,000 will receive interest on Zones 5.99% pa APR for this representative loan is 7.04%, installment 2 958 CZK, last installment 2 CZK 894 and a one-time fee of 2% (here CZK 3,000). In total, the customer pays CZK 177,416 for 5 years.

Interest from 4,85% APR from 5.13% Maturity 48–216 months Loan amount CZK 100,000 – CZK 800,000.

  • Up to CZK 800,000 without collateral
  • Optional maturity up to 18 years
  • Advantageous insurance in case of problems with repayment,
  • The loan withdrawal period is 1 year,

What the loan is suitable for

  • Reconstruction of dwellings
  • Modernization of the apartment
  • Family house improvements
  • Household equipment

Settlement fees

  • Maturity: 48–216 months
  • Provision fee: 1% of principal
  • Management fee: free
  • Early repayment fee: free of charge
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Arrange a loan from CZK 200,000 with a maturity of 18 years and an annual interest rate of 5.25% consisting of a bridging loan granted at an interest rate of 5.25% pa (fixed rate) for 2 years until the building savings loan is allocated. You will pay monthly CZK 1,455 for 24 months. APR is 5.57%. You will pay CZK 2,000 for processing the loan. Credit management is free. The bridging loan is followed by a building savings loan of CZK 188,485 granted for a period of 16 years, which is used to fully pay off the bridging loan. The interest rate is 5.25% pa fixed for the first year and subsequently for 3 years. You will repay CZK 1,460 per month for 16 years. The APRC is 5.45%, the cost of credit processing is CZK 0 and the cost of credit management is CZK 0. The total amount payable by the consumer for the Loan from Buřinka is CZK 314,715. The given data are valid on the assumption that the entire loan is drawn on the day of its provision with repayment from the following month always on the 25th day.


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