How to Become Financially Independent Without Going Crazy

That moment when you run out of financial support from your family . For the first time you are fully responsible for your expenses and your finances. And then it jumps in your brain: “Oh mother, how can I become financially independent? What do I have to do?”

These thoughts can lead you to a lot of complex emotions (fear, lack of control, sadness, etc.) that can lead you to perform irrational behavior.

However, it is a moment of independence and freedom, a time to step forward and walk on your own feet.

Where to go is up to you, but try to go the right way without carrying a lot of luggage.

Let’s see some tips, which helped me, to deal with the first months of being completely financially independent.


Tips to be Financially Independent


Resentment is a waste of time

Resentment is a waste of time

If your parents tell you that from now on you will have to pay your expenses with your own money without counting on them, getting angry with your parents makes no sense. In fact, getting angry is usually a clear indication that you still have enough to mature and become a truly adult person.

This fact will make you mature, learn and grow as a person.


Accept it as a Challenge

No matter how old you are when you take full responsibility for your finances, it will be a challenge and changes in your lifestyle will occur.

Instead of complaining, look for ways to accept the challenge. Spend some time learning to make a budget. Try to live with less things and expenses every day. And so almost without realizing it, create the backbone of your finances.


Don’t keep spending as if Nothing Had Changed

financially independent

The result of this is to borrow and also quite a lot. It is very easy to use the credit card to buy things that you do not need but over time the money you have used will have to return it with interest.

Now is the time to learn to live with less, buy things you need and eliminate unnecessary expenses.


Keep talking to your parents

Keep talking to your parents

If you feel a strong resentment with your parents, they may think that you will stop talking to them. And that won’t make them happy. Think for a moment.

They have been giving you money they have earned working all their lives , even before you were born. The only thing they are asking you now is to start flying on your own. Is this really a reason for anger?


Ask your parents for advice

Tell them about the challenges and problems you are facing and ask for advice. No money. Once they went through what you are going through right now and, finally, they managed to solve it successfully since they have been able to support you and maybe other brothers economically.

So at least they will have some ideas on how to do things .


Evaluate what you are doing with your Life

financially independent

The beginning of financial independence is a good time to sit down, discover your values ​​and your goals, and determine how to work towards those goals. This process can help you really understand why you are spending money and reconsider most of the expenses you have.



Make the leap to financial independence, being fully responsible for your actions in regards to your finances can be quite dizzying.

But following the points that I have commented:

  • Resentment is a waste of time.
  • Accept it as a challenge.
  • Don’t keep spending as if nothing had changed.
  • Keep talking to your parents.
  • Ask your parents for advice.
  • Evaluate what you are doing with your life.

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