Owners group your consumer credits

The purchase of consumer credit is an effective solution for homeowners wishing to reduce the amount of monthly charges for loans taken in addition to the mortgage. You own and you have added consumer loans? Group your consumer loans to reduce the household debt ratio.

Homeowners: How to reduce your debt ratio?

Homeowners: How to reduce your debt ratio?

When subscribing to a home loan, the amount of the monthly payment and insurance coverage borrower(s) must not exceed 33% of the household debt ratio. Becoming a homeowner often entails additional expenses for the purchase of the property.

Whether you are on home ownership or freehold, the use of credit is almost inevitable to achieve the realization of new projects. Whether it is an extension of housing or replacing existing housing openings, etc., this does not require any significant one-time expenses. For the majority of cases, it is the work loan or consumer credit that serves as a financial leverage for Dorothyr’s work.

When the accumulated amount of monthly payments of credits exceeds a critical percentage of the budget, in order to avoid an excessive debt ratio and a loss of the control of the monthly budget, the repurchase of real estate loans and consumption for owner is a solution to find a financial stability.

Better manage your mortgage thanks to the purchase of consumer credit

Better manage your mortgage thanks to the purchase of consumer credit

By grouping all consumer credit, it is possible to reduce the amount of monthly payments up to 60%. While the maturity of the mortgage represents theoretically less than thirty three percent of the household debt ratio, it is consumer credit that is the cause of the fiscal imbalance.

When the remaining life of the mortgage is half, it is not automatically advantageous to integrate it into the credit consolidation operation. For good reason, monthly payments consist mainly of capital, and the fact that most of the loan interest has been repaid.

Thus, the purchase of consumer loans can target the purchase of work loans, personal loans, revolving loans, etc., without having to include the mortgage in the plan of Dorothyment.

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