Denim skirt

11 cute denim skirt outfits

When I think of a ‘denim skirt’ the first thing that comes to mind is a floral patchwork studded with rhinestones, a low waist look from Lizzie McGuire. And even though the style of the early 2000s is totally the vibe, you still have to do a little styling research to get the look right.

If you choose the right style, cut and wash (we’ll talk about that later), then carefully select the perfect accessories, you can make any denim skirt look modern and cool. The key here is to find a skirt that acts more like a neutral skirt (read: no acid wash, aggressive wear, or too short hems), then build the rest of your cut from there. Need to see some examples for yourself? No problem. Find out about the internet’s best denim skirt outfits that feel so 2020.

Profesh with an advantage

Opt for an intense contrast by teaming your mini crop with professional basics like a black blazer and your mother’s button-down shirt. Layer on trendy accessories like lug sole stompers, a pillow pouch, and micro sunglasses for an easy style moment.

Cleo A-Line Denim Wrap Skirt

Vintage leather

There is no sartorial situation that cannot be improved by faux leather. Just stack it until you run out of pieces (jacket, belt, boots), cover with gold sequins and off you go.

So creepy kitsch

A kitsch print with a mini embellishment? So avant-garde and totally unexpected. Know that I’ll be copying this look the next time I have a reason to dress (but with sneakers, instead of pumps, because duh).

Denim skirt with mirror studs

Bright light

I’m literally drooling over this denim skirt outfit. Dress up a denim skirt with a shiny top and contrasting shoes. Honestly, just stack the bright colors.

Floral embroidered denim skirt

Discreet, but still cool

Is it just me or do combat boots instantly transform any outfit? This buttoned midi skirt look is so simple, yet utterly cool and timeless.

High Waist A-Line Midi Skirt

The Plus (Denim) le Merrier

Button up your favorite denim jacket, then slip it into your skirt. Even though the washes are different, you’ll have a wildly chic look with little to no effort (the best). Finish with those boots you love but never wear because denim goes with everything.

Good Ruffle Raw Hem Denim Skirt

Luxury textures

When you’re struggling to style * literally * anything in your wardrobe, just add a graphic tee. That’s it. This is the hack. Add a touch of leather and snakeskin for that type of “I’m effortlessly stylish and cool” vibe.

Got the Edge Light Wash Denim Mini Skirt

Sweet girl vibes

Wear a denim skirt of any length with a shiny cropped top and chunky white sneakers for a laid back vibe.

Red cherry

Whether your skirt is black or classic blue, this style combo will always hold up. Opt for a polished turtleneck, beret and sheer tights.

Denim skirt with chain detail and buttoned waist

Unexpected layers

The key to modernizing a simple black denim skirt is to add elements of surprise. Bright colors, big sleeves, a bit of animal print here and there – it’s all fair game.

Black, white and leopard

Opt for a two-tone midi skirt if you’re looking to update your denim wardrobe. This version looks cool from the 70s with a bit of a leopard print.

ZW Premium 90s Patchwork Skirt

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