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Dhani found the perfect length everyday denim skirt

APC Indigo Standard Denim Skirt, $ 135, available at Ssense or APC

I’ve never spent a lot of time thinking about finding a denim skirt, but every time I see one in a store I’m like, “Oh, that would be nice to have,” so I just got it. ‘try – and there is always something wrong. Usually it’s either so short that it would be impossible to bend over or sit up without my skin touching the seat, or it has a frayed hem or excessive distress that I’m just not interested in.

I’m not sure why I never considered looking at APC, a known resource for not too aged denim, but I didn’t do so until last weekend when I walked into the gorgeous Melrose Place store in the brand and that I came out a few moments later. wearing my ideal denim skirt. (It was also much warmer than I expected, and I was wearing jeans.)

The skirt is nothing too conspicuous: it has a mid-rise rise (neither too high nor too low), is made of a raw Japanese denim that gives it a raised feel, and it’s just the right length. : long enough that I have no bending / sitting issues, and short enough that I can feel in the summer and show a little leg. (Although if you’re in the market for a real mini, the brand has it too.) I’ve been wearing it right now and almost every day since I bought it.

It’s a little steep now, which I don’t really mind, and I know it will mellow over time. I also know the quality is good and given that it is also a very good price.

APC Indigo Standard Denim Skirt, $ 135, available at Ssense or APC

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