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Fashion Friday: Gautami Deshpande or Sai Tamhankar, who achieved the checkered skirt + the black top look?

Actresses Gautami Deshpande and Sai Tamhankar are women of studied elegance who never fail to amaze us with their style. Ultimately, their sartorial fashion choices are pretty impressive and their Instagram can attest to that. We noticed that they donned a similar outfit once and couldn’t help but adopt it for a face-off! The outfit in question includes a red and black plaid skirt, complemented by a black tank top and fabulous shoes. We will take a look.

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Let’s start with The fame of Vazandar Sai Tamhankar. She is a real diva who has a great sense of style. Her wardrobe palette has lots of bright colors, and her makeup is generally subtle, filled with nude and pink undertones. She loves to wear skirts and often experiments with a variety of tops to match her skirts.

For the face-to-face look, Sai opted for a red and black plaid skirt from Urban Suburban. It has a high slit (slightly towards the center) and is decorated with black ruffles at the edges. She went for a simple but chic crop top with the skirt and it looks pretty amazing. Her black stiletto heels, simple make-up and pendants go perfectly with her outfit. Looked.

Then we have Marathi TV darling Gautami Deshpande. She’s easily one of the most stylish actresses in the business and her fashion game always lives up to it. She likes to wear a lot of dresses, skirts and dresses. Even her wardrobe has a lot of bright colors that look great on her.

Coming to her face-off outfit, Gautami wore a knee-length red and black plaid skirt with a sleeveless black tank top. Flecks of green, blue and magenta can be seen on her skirt which really amplifies her outfit. Her hair has been styled in loose curls and it looks quite sleek. As for her shoes, she wears black ankle-length boots which are definitely the highlight of this look.

Final thoughts

We both think Sai and Gautami rocked their respective looks with a lot of grace and panache. After much deliberation, we believe Sai’s look earns a few more points thanks to her unique skirt and sleek half updo hairstyle. As for Gautami, she too looked stunning in her simple outfit, but we think Sai took the cake this time! What do you think?

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