Denim skirt

Is the denim skirt making a solid comeback in the mainstream this season?

If you grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, your wardrobe could never have escaped the denim skirt. I can say this with a lot of confidence because even as a non-denim fan at the time, I still owned more than one in my teenage years. The way I styled them changed often, influenced by my pop culture icon of the moment.

As someone who grew up on a regular diet of The Babysitters Club, in college I always wondered, “How would Stacey McGill wear it?” I once went so far as to pair a fish-cut washed gray denim midi with a button-down shirt – an edgy look, if I may say so myself, for the modest dresser that I was. Rachel Green’s high waisted front pocket mini denim, which she wore with a black scoop neck tee and flimsy choker in the first season of Friends is as’ 90s as it gets, but it’s a look I (and you, probably) would still wear today.

Rachel Green from Friends

Then there was my phase of wraparound mini denim, worn with a spin of Lacoste polo shirts and embellished shrugs as my ode to The OC‘s Marissa Cooper (may she rest in peace). The clip also earned Carrie Bradshaw’s seal of approval, when she styled her knee-length skirt with a simple tee and beading – a mix of top and bottom that only she could have pulled off ( although I tried).

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