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See Ashley Graham’s Instagram Return of Her Denim Skirt

I still remember walking into Abercrombie & Fitch, the store soaked in Fierce cologne that you could smell at the entrance to the mall without trying. I was probably wearing a fringed hem denim skirt like Ashley Graham’s, looking for another in a slightly darker wash to go with my lighter Le Tigre polo shirt. Even then, I knew the contrast of tones. Graham was clearly a fan of the same look. The 33-year-old model, who is slowly hitting fashion gigs after spending time with husband Justin Ervin and their new son, Isaac, recently provided us with some great social media content.

After we fell in love with some very mundane chores around the house in luxury clothes and heels, Ashley shared two nostalgic comebacks that we can’t stop watching. “If no one had me, I know my fringed denim skirt (and belt) got me,” she wrote, recalling her years past – when she kept this combination of denim skirt and belt in intensive rotation. OMG, Ashley, of course I understand you – that vibe was once mine too.

Ashley’s Gram had me flipping through old camp albums in no time at all, trying to track down photographic evidence of my own distressed denim skirt. The harassment on Facebook (myself) has given me a really good time somewhere between Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday, when we can all use a little escape from here and now.

While fringed denim skirts paired with mid-width leather belts like these may be a thing of the past, Ashley has proven they still have a place in the present. And she isn’t the only one thinking about the power of sartorial stories right now. With the recent fashion shift towards vintage pieces spared the archives and the release of new Netflix docuseries Stories of wear and tear which explores the relationships people form with clothing, there’s no better time to look back at how we’ve expressed ourselves – and continue to express ourselves – through fashion.

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