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Serena Williams dons sleeveless top and plaid skirt in Monaco pics with hubby Alexis Ohanian

Serena Williams and her husband recently melted many hearts after photos of them posing together in Monaco appeared on social media. It was an unconventional date and their fans loved it.

Alexis Ohanian recently joined his wife Serena Williams on a date that saw them attend the Monaco Grand Prix. The Reddit co-founder shared several strokes of their time there with his fans via his Instagram page.

A shot captured him smiling happily as he posed next to Williams, who was wearing noise-canceling headphones. She wore a plaid skirt that showed off her curves and a sleeveless top that she complemented with a denim jacket.

Ohanian wore a jacket over a black T-shirt and wore a hat. Another photo he shared showed his wife standing in a boat in a port in Monaco.

Behind her, several other watercraft were parked side by side. In his caption, Ohanian thanked Aston Martin F1 for the “great experience”.

Lewis Hamilton, Williams’ “best friend”, also competed in the Grand Prix, and he was honored by Ohanian, who pictured himself posing in front of his garage.

The techpreneur is famous for his unwavering support for his wife.

A photo that captured Williams standing inside the Aston Martin team’s maintenance garage was also shared via their official Instagram page.

In the caption that accompanied the shot, the team manager thanked Williams for showing up. After all, “the guests aren’t much more inspiring” than she is.

Williams and her husband are considered a powerful couple, and when it comes to celebrity relationships, theirs rank quite high on the list of famous couples.

The couple started dating in 2015, got engaged in 2016, and got married in September 2017. They share an adorable 3-year-old daughter named Olympia.

The two are such a great team, and they seem to have it all figured out. However, according to Williams, it took a lot of work on their two parts.

For her, a lack of loyalty is a deciding factor, but luckily Ohanian is as loyal as he can get. The techpreneur is famous for his unwavering support for his wife.

Last month he went up to to announce that he had nothing against being known only as “Serena Williams’ husband”, although he also has some pretty breathtaking accomplishments. If it’s not loyalty, then nothing is.

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