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The next generation Yamaha YZF R1 2015 will be a 200 horsepower beast!

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Yes, you read that right! Yamaha has worked hard to bring an all new R1 for the year 2015 and here are some engine details for the 2015 Yamaha YZF R1. Since its inception, the R1 has always been the motorcycle that has ruled the hearts of countless people in the whole world. Yamaha is famous for producing race track oriented bikes and the R1 is a perfect example of that. Over the years, they have made a lot of effort for its development. 2009 was the year Yamaha introduced big changes, bringing the Cross plane crankshaft and uneven firing order (also known as Big-bang). This was technology derived from their MotoGP YZR-M1 bike. The bike was much appreciated by the fans. However, many people didn’t like the way it was designed. The real challenge for R1 came in the BMW S1000RR name. Not only has it become the fastest 1000cc production bike, but its handling is also exceptional. Yamahas are known for their handling abilities, but the R1 was gaining weight, the bike was slower while changing direction, and the competition was moving at a fast pace.


For 2015 Yamaha decided to go back to their drawing boards and bring back the same charm that was characteristic of the original model. For the past few months they have been extensively testing different engine versions. The new R1 will still use the 4-crossplane in-line crankshaft layout. Although there have been rumors and suggestions that the new one liter bike could use an inline 3 engine, there is a very good chance that Yamaha will stick with the old design and work on the engine to add more horsepower. ‘200 hp’ is the number considered magic in the world of liter-class superbikes today and Yamaha is working on exactly that. Yes, the next generation Yamaha YZF R1 2015 will have a maximum power of 200 hp, something to worry the rivals, really worried!

Along with the engine, there will be major updates in the chassis department. As we mentioned, R1 was getting bigger every year, hard to get around compared to the competition. The lessons learned in MotoGP are finally producing results for production bikes. Gone are the exhausts under the seat, they are replaced by a low and chunky side exhaust. They adopt this design simply for better mass centralization and for lower center of gravity levels, all in addition to exceptional handling. Yamaha improves the chassis, based on M1 to make it a racing weapon again.

Styling-wise, we don’t have any official image of the next model, but UK-based designer Kar Lee has produced a digital mock-up, which gives us an idea of ​​what the future might look like. R1. To make things more interesting we show another image of a computer generated R1 design which was leaked shortly before by MCN UK. Let us know which design you prefer.
“Inspired by M1” as they call it, even if half of it is true, it would be a revival of those legendary old times for R1.

Image source: Performance Bikes Magazine and MCN UK